Assistant Coaches (PGA Jr. League)

Learn how to invite Assistant Coaches to join your Program

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This article outlines the steps to invite Assistant Coaches to join your Program.

Assistant Coaches:

As a Coach you can invite as many Assistant Coaches as you need to help manage your Program. All participating adults serving in a coaching or volunteer capacity must register, and like PGA Coaches, must pass a required background screening and complete the required Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) training.

Assistant Coach Types:

As a Coach, you have the option to determine what level of access your Assistant Coach has to your PGA Jr. League Program. See below for the three types with additional details about each:

  • Location Manager: A Location manager has full access on the website to manage all aspects of your location, programs, and teams. For example, a Location Manager can view and edit all Programs published for this given Location, publish additional Programs, edit existing Programs, and manage all aspects of the season such as Creating Teams, Rostering Players, Messaging, Scheduling, and more!

  • Program Manager: A Program manager has full access on the website to manage this specified Program. For example, a Program Manager can view and edit this given Program, edit the Program, and manage all aspects of the season such as Creating Teams, Rostering Players, Messaging, Scheduling, and more for this Program!

  • Team Manager: A Team Manager has limited access, but is on the official Team Roster. They can only view and communicate with their specific team through the MyPGA mobile app. They do not have any administrative capabilities through our website or the PGA Coach mobile app. This manager level was designed for the "parent volunteer", who may assist with your PGA Jr. League events, but does not need any administrative access to your program(s).

Inviting Assistant Coaches to your Program:

In your Dashboard, locate the applicable Program, and click the Tab labeled "Managers". Select "Add Permissions" and complete the requested information.

Your Assistant Coach will receive an email based on the email address input during the invitation process. Your Assistant Coach will need to complete the Account Creation process detailed in this email, and subsequently complete and pass both a Background Screen and Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) Training before being eligible for your Program.

Editing the Permissions of Existing Coaches:

While on the "Managers" tab, you are able to edit the permissions of existing Coaches by clicking the 3 dots to the right of their name. Here you can invite them to your current year programs and/or teams, or remove them from your location altogether.

Please Note: Adding new programs or teams to an existing Coach's permissions will send a new invite to their email. They will need to accept this invite before they have access to the new programs or teams in our system.

Still need help? Watch this video to see how a Coach can invite an Assistant Coach:

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